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Canada’s oil and gas industry is continuously striving for efficient operations and a leaner and more productive workforce. Years of low commodity prices and extensive reductions in spending is driving the industry in a new direction. In order to gain global market share, industry investments, and remain competitive, Canadian oil and gas extraction and construction businesses are embracing innovation and technology.

Sandstone Intelligence’s adaptive BI software optimizes project management facets and ensures predictive solutions in the oil and gas extraction and construction industries. This forward thinking will help businesses find operational efficiencies and effectively manage their workforce.

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Oil and gas extraction and construction companies are finding it exceedingly difficult and cumbersome to efficiently manage their projects. They are quickly outgrowing their current management solutions, as numerous key pain points appear on every project. Without the accuracy of a dynamic business intelligence software, project decisions made on flawed data will derail, stall, or terminate the success of a project. This will devastate a company’s bottom line.

Sandstone Intelligence’s “Project Pro” is an adaptive business intelligence software that predicts purchasing, workforce management, project tasks, and work in progress costs. By applying Project Pro’s machine learning technology; budgets, resource quotas, and tasks are optimized for effective project performance. Our detailed and accurate forecasting gives oil and gas companies precision analysis when managing expected costs over the project’s life. Having access to this valuable financial information and ensures a successful project that is completed on time and on budget.

If you are an oil and gas extraction or construction company and you are looking for ways to innovate your production processes and create labour efficiencies, pre register for our business intelligence software, and sign up to our newsletter to stay in touch.

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Our Team

Temitayo Oludare Akomolede, Chief Executive Officer of Sandstone Intelligence

Temitayo Oludare Akomolede,
Chief Executive Officer

Temitayo has over two decades of experience in supply chain and project value chain management. He leads the service and material contracting and procurement activities for major liquefied natural gas projects in the Middle East. He works with the project team to plan, forecast, budget, and access the most efficient and optimal acquisition approaches. His ability to develop and implement strategies on major projects, while aligning with key drivers and stakeholders needs, makes him very well-suited in the development of this venture. He holds a Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering from University of Ibadan in Nigeria. He also holds a Professional Graduate Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply in the United Kingdom and he achieved a Master of Science – Procurement from University of Glamorgan in Wales.

Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.
Joy Gumz